Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Huanglong 黄龙: Nicest Natural Pools on Earth

The picture above is 100% real with no photoshop.  Even seeing it up close it was hard to believe, for a while I thought they were man made.  These are the pools of Huanglong.  Huanglong means yellow or golden dragon and is supposed to resemble a dragon curving through the mountainous terrain of the area.  Like Jiuzhaigou, Huanglong is also a UNESCO site and is deserving of the title.  It is absolutely beautiful up there and seeing it with your own eyes is hard to describe.  Also, the coloring which varies from green to yellow to blue are all caused by calcite deposits in the water just as in Jiuzhaigou.



I know it looks like an excellent place to swim, but keep your shirts on... We need to protect the beauty of the pools so it is strictly forbidden.  


Tree growing on an island...reminded me of Hawaii for a little bit

Getting to Huanglong

Actually we went straight from Jiuzhaigou to Huanglong which is possible.  You just need to pass through some towns and make some stops.  The bus ride there takes you high up into the mountains.  You are actually at a very high atltitude at Huanglong and you might notice it is a little difficult to breathe, as you still need to do some considerable walking.  At some snack stations you can buy some oxygen, where you will see various Chinese tourists catching their breath.   



The Huanglong Experience

Huanglong is like a miniature but not less awe inspiring version of Jiuzhaigou.  The blue in the pools of Huanglong however, is much more vibrant.  You will literally feel as if you are in heaven, as you are very near the clouds and surrounded by beautiful nature.  Huanglong is definitely one of China's finest.



Lonely Planet:  China

Below is the Lonely Planet Guidebook for China.  I would highly recommend this as I often used this as a reference for a wide range of things from finding places to sleep to transportation to eating, and more.  The important thing about traveling in China and most of Asia in general if you are on a budget is to get to know the prices of things.  Guidebooks like Lonely Planet do a pretty good job at telling you approximately what price things should be so that you don't get ripped off.  Click on the image and it will take you to amazon.com where you can purchase your own copy of the book.  


  1. It's nice that you post a lot about places in China, other than the Great Wall. Now, I know about a whole lot of other places! =) I would love to see the ponds you mentioned. In Japan, I had a chance to see one and it was incredibly beautiful.

  2. Thx Mary. Yeah, I've seen the Great Wall, and wasn't too impressed. I think the things that are pumped up like the Great Wall and Terracotta warriors turn out to be a lot less spectacular than they are made to sound... I dunno, that's just me though. At the same time, you kinda still need to go though.

  3. Chinese is full of natural beauty as you can see above in the post. Whether you go for cheap flights to Guangzhou, Shanghai or Beijing you will observe it in each of them. Along with the natural attractiveness it is also home to some historic sites like the Great Wall of China and many more.


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