Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bodyboarding Philosophy

View of Makapu'u Beach

The day is cloudy, but who cares?!  You hear the waves are nice and all is good in the world.  Why?  Because it's perfect conditions to get out there and bodyboard.  That is what my brother Kurt and our good family friends, brothers Matt and Keenan decided to do this past weekend.  It was my first time seeing bodyboarding done in such a seemingly effortless and graceful fashion.  It looked fun, and I wish I could do it like them.

See Kurt, Matt, and Keenan in Action!

The Moves
"There are about 8 main moves although the pros will usually add to them to make their own," says my brother Kurt.  The moves consist of forward spin, reverse spin, rollo, ars (air roll spin), backflip, air forward, air reverse, and invert.  To master all of these moves, it will take some time.  But once you master one, such as the spin, it will get easier very quickly.  Bodyboarding requires a board of course which is around $170 and fins which are around $60.  Prices of course may vary depending on quality and brand.

Makapu'u Light House

Makapu'u Beach For Bodyboarders

The beach itself has very nice views.  It is where the southern end of the Ko'olau mountains reaches the ocean.  The famous Makapu'u Lighthouse is also in ready view.  Mānana Island (Rabbit Island) and Kāohikaipu Islet can also be seen, adding to the ocean horizon.  For bodyboarders, the beach is broken up into two main areas.  One of them is on the right hand side of the beach and is called Keiki Corner.  This is because the waves a bit smaller and are meant for the younger children (Keiki means child).  The other section on the left is called Generals and is meant for little more experienced bodyboarders.

View Makapu'u Beach for Bodyboarders in a larger map

Rabbit Island in the back with Kāohikaipu Islet in the front

Try it Yourself!

Bodyboarders do what they do because it is fun.  They do it for the rush.  If you ask them, they will tell you that it is one of the greatest relievers of stress there is in the universe.  What is greater than taking on what is thrown at you, and riding it to make it fun?!  Imagine if you could use that same mentality for when your boss yells at you, or when you suddenly have less time to make that deadline.  Watching Kurt, Matt, and Keenan glide across those waves, I have come to realize that bodyboarding is much more than just plain old fun.  It is a philosophy that you can apply to your everyday life.  If you want to go but don't have a board and fins and are a newbie, leave a comment stating your interest and we'll figure something out for you.

Hawaiian Language Glossary

Makapu'u:  Bulging Eyes.  A stone on the point below the light was said to have eight portrusions resembling eyes.

Mānana:  Buoyant.  (Also known as Rabbit Island because it was once inhabited by introduced rabbits.  Since the rabbits were destroying the ecosystem they were eradicated)

Kāohikaipu:  The container that gathers.  (Flotsam collects here)


  1. Bodyboarding seems like so much fun! Nice photos by the way. =)

  2. Thanks for the comment Mary! You and Dalin should come out sometime! If not, I hope you get to do some water sports when you are in Indonesia!

  3. Yeah, for sure! If you like night snorkeling, we might go sometime. Did you join the PT club? Sometime soon we may go kayaking and paddling. You should come with us! It will be fun.


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