Thursday, April 22, 2010

Stars for Health


Do you not eat any vegetables? Does your diet consist of mostly meat and starches? If you said yes to any of the two previous questions you may not be getting the nutrition your body needs.

The beginning of life...

Approximately 14 billion light years ago, the universe began with the BIG BANG! Back then the universe consisted of only hydrogen and helium... 2 gases not conducive to life. But then galaxies started to form, and in those galaxies huge stars. Some of these stars would supernova (or in other words blow up) and create all kinds of different minerals due to atomic fusion. Things like iron, potassium, zinc, magnesium, etc., which eventually played a huge role in creating life. That is why we (as living beings) need these minerals in our bodies. And it wasn't only minerals! Oxygen and water was created too! If the stars made us, then we should look at what they made us with to attain the greatest health.

How will this help you?

Protecting your teeth from decay? Fluoride helps with that. Need strong teeth with better blood clotting? Calcium will be good for that. Aid for digestion? Chloride will give you what you need. Minerals are wonderful, and are necessary for a healthy life. What you need to keep in mind though, is amounts. Too much or too little of any single mineral can be seriously detrimental to your health. The key is knowing how much is needed and maintaining that balance.

Foods that give you the minerals you need

Here is a link for a list of some minerals and the foods that they are found in and what the minerals can do for you. Vitamins are included also.

Remember that getting the right amount of minerals and vitamins is key for good health. That being said, having a diverse diet is very beneficial as it allows you to get all the essentials.

If you want to see the recommended amounts for each vitamin and mineral click here. It is a link to the highly respected World Health Organization (WHO). You will see the required amounts of vitamins and minerals broken down by age.

So what are you waiting for?!

Start eating a diverse diet rich in all of the vitamins and minerals that made us today! The stars gave us life. Let's stay educated on the benefits we can receive from the stars which created us! Remember to consume the right amounts!

Confused on what to eat?!

It can be very daunting to create a well balanced nutritious diet. That is why dietary supplements are so wonderful. The right dietary supplements (multivitamins etc.) will ensure you get the proper amounts of minerals and vitamins. Be careful when choosing multivitamins. You want vitamins that are of excellent quality as some manufacturers do not guarantee the contents of their vitamins. I suggest doing research to find what is good for you as well as choosing a company that guarantees the contents of their supplements. A good example of one such company is USANA. Their supplements are ranked #1 by The Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements (a third party publication).

For more information on how to get USANA products click here.

For more information on USANA benefits click here.

I personally take their dietary supplements and I've noticed increased energy and feel great. Science allowed us to study the stars, and we have found out that our bodies are composed of star material. Science can also tell us what kinds of foods to eat for a well balanced diet and what kinds of vitamins and minerals to put in dietary supplements. Make sure you choose what is right for you!

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